60 years of leadership and achievements in the cooker hoods production 


Established before most of a half century, the Italian company FABER is today a synonym of revolutionary technologies and exclusive design in the name of the clear air in the kitchen. But how the Italian professionalism turned in fact into leadership of worldwide importance?! FABER shares the secret of their success with a pleasure …


1955 –  The history of the cooker hood begins with the birth of FABER brand

1958 - FABER creates the first cooker hood made of plexiglas

1963 – The company presents the first in the world one motor cooker hood

1966 -  The FABER's experts produce the first glass visor for traditional cooker hood

1986 – The company presents a decorative cooker hood, the only one of its kind

1994 – The quality managing system of FABER is the first one in the world received the ISO certificate

1995 – FABER creates the first cooker hood with electronic control; The company introduces  robotized and automatized technology in the production process

1999 – The island cooker hood AXIA is awarded with the Platinum ADEX

2001 – MASTER hood is honored by the prestigious prize Compasso d”Oro                 

2003 – The model COMCEPT receives the Platinum prize by ADEX and prize for the best design by KBIS

2005 – FABER becomes a member of Swiss concern FRANKE.

2006 – The decorative cooker hood MATRIX receives the Platinum recognition by ADEX

2008 – The design cooker hoods ORIZZONTE and VELVET receive the gold ADEX prize

2008 – FABER presents REFLEX – the most silent cooker hood in the world; The company develops the first by its type combination of a cooker hood and a air-conditioner, named HYBRID.

2011 – FABER is continuing to build …... the future of the cooker hood      


6 millions cooker hoods annually produced
A product range with more than 100 models of cooker hoods
8 production plants
1 of every 2 cooker hoods in Italy is FABER's one


As a member of CECED (European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers), FABER  stands up for its engagement to measure and announce the capacity and noise level of the kitchen cooker hood according with the endorsed European Directives EN 61591 and EN 60701-3.  Both the Directives are the only ones of their kind international specifications for testing the real capacity and aspiration and noise level of the cooker hood in the very working process.